Key Links

Professional Organizations
World Packaging Organization Global non-profit federation of packaging organizations
Institute of  Packaging Professionals U.S. professional organization
Society of Plastics Engineers Polymer engineering professional society.
Technical Assoc. of Pulp and Paper Industry Mainly a paper society, but the Polymer, Laminations and Coatings Div. has a strong packaging relationship

Research Oganizations
CSIRO  Australian Industrial Research Organization Scientific and industrial research lab in Austrailia
RAPRA  Rubber and Plastics Research - UK Plastics and rubber research.
PIRA International-  Industrial Research - UK Packaging, paper and printing contract research.

Polymer Suppliers
Dupont Packaging  Packaging pages of Dupont Industrial Polymers - Surlyn, nylon, tie layers, other specialties
Equistar Chemicals polyethylenes
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company polyethylenes, polypropylene, K-resin, etc. A new joint venture.
Eastman Chemicals  Many specialty polymers, polyesters, and extrusion coating PE's
Montell   polypropylene
BASF    styrene
Dow Chemical   polyethylenes, styrene, and many specialty polymers